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Capital and shares


Capital and shares

All Ordina N.V. outstanding, ordinary shares are quoted on the Midkapindex of Amsterdam’s Euronext Stock Exchange. The number of outstanding, ordinary shares amounted to 1 January 2016 92.958.667. The total authorised number of shares consists of 160.000.000 ordinary shares, 39.999.995 preference shares and 1 priority share. No preference shares were issued at year-end 2014. The issued and paid-up priority share and the issued and paid-up ordinary shares are classified as equity. Each listed Ordina N.V. ordinary share entitles the holder to cast one vote.

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Disclosure of Major holdings in Listed Companies

Within the framework of the Dutch Disclosure of major holdings in Listed Companies act, the company has received the following notifications:
Shareholding 3% to 5%: Dimensional Fund Advisors LP
Shareholding 5% to 10%: Lazard Freres Gestion SAS
Shareholding 5% to 10%: Teslin Capital Management (Todlin N.V.)
Shareholding 15% to 20%: Mont Cervin S.à r.l.

intro dividend

Ordina maintains a transparent dividend policy. Subject to a number of conditions, Ordina pays 35% of the net profit as dividend.

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