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Corporate Governance

Ordina acknowledges the material importance of proper management, of making sound choices in the interest of our stakeholders. Of conducting ourselves in accordance to our mission, key values and Code of Conduct. That is how we define Corporate Governance. The Supervisory Board and the Management Board share the responsibility for the Corporate Governance structure of our company. Since 2004, both parties have reported on how Ordina deals with Corporate Governance matters. 

Ordina subscribes to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. We subscribe to virtually all the principles and stipulations.

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Dutch Corporate Governance Code

The Supervisory Board and the Management Board bear joint responsibility for the corporate governance structure of Ordina N.V. This structure is evaluated annually. The Supervisory Board and the Management Board endorse the principle that corporate governance is a matter of customisation and that variances from or qualifications of specific provisions by an organisation may be justified.

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Risk Profile

Ordina’s material risks can be divided into market and strategic risks, financial risks and operational risks.

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Internal controls

Internal Control is one of Ordina’s main priorities. The internal control structure is constantly reviewed and professionalised, with the emphasis being placed on governance structure, processes, systems and specific controls, as well as raising awareness amongst management and staff of the importance of the proper application of such controls.

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Code of Conduct and Directives

The Board of Directors has introduced a new – stricter – Code of Conduct. This code sets out the standards for principled conduct within Ordina.
In addition, the code refers to established directives that offer concrete support.
The Code of Conduct can be downloaded below in PDF format.

Ordina Code of Conduct

Speak Up Policy

In 2015 the Board of Directors has introduced a new Speak Up Policy. The Speak Up Policy encourages Ordina staff to report wrongdoing, or suspicions thereof, within Ordina. Those reporting misconduct will not be subject to any retaliatory measures. Ordina is also explicitly inviting its business partners to report suspicions of wrongdoing. Reports should be directed to the Ordina Compliance Officer in the Netherlands (Hilde Mulder, integriteit@ordina.nl, +31 30 663 7003). The Speak Up Policy can be downloaded below in PDF format.

Ordina Speak Up Policy