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Annual Report 2015

In its 2015 annual report, Ordina presents the results for the past year and provides an account of its financial performance.

Download below some highlighted parts or the complete annual report.

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Interview with CEO Stépan Breedveld

“The year 2015 was a disappointing year in which Ordina had to adapt rapidly to drastically changing market conditions. We closed the year with a loss, largely due to the sharp decline in revenues from the public sector in the Netherlands. In the fourth quarter, this decline abated on the back of our increased focus on key accounts. Thanks to tight monitoring of working capital, we once again closed the year free of debt. Ordina performed well in Belgium and Luxembourg with growth in both revenue and profitability.”

Interview with CEO Stepan Breedveld

Key figures

Ordina presents its main key figures 2015

Key figures


We continue to focus on value creation. In the coming years, we will work on sustainable and innovative solutions that are relevant to our clients and society as a whole, and that are experienced as such by both our clients and our employees.



Cloud computing, robotisation, virtual reality and the Internet of Things: these are just a few examples of developments driven by information technology. They show that technology today has a decisive influence on our society and the way we work.


Corporate social responsibility

Ordina’s mission is partnerships in sustainable innovation. Together with our clients and employees, we work to create sustainable digital solutions we can use to truly improve quality of life and the world around us. This means we attach enormous importance to healthy, long-term relationships with our clients and employees.