, June 18, 2008

Robeco ends outsourcing agreement with Ordina

Robeco Direct N.V. has decided to end its outsourcing agreement with Ordina BPO prior to the termination of the contract. The agreement, signed on the 12th of February 2007, stipulated that Robeco Direct’s savings and investment back-office processes would be outsourced to Ordina BPO.

The reason for the early termination is that Robeco Direct and Ordina BPO hold different views on the new target platform that was to be utilised by Ordina for processing Robeco back-office processes.

Ordina strongly regrets Robeco Direct’s decision. Parties are currently in talks regarding the consequences and further courses of action to be taken. This includes deciding when Robeco Direct will be taking the outsourced processes into own management again.