, May 14, 2008

Ordina N.V. Trading update

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held today at the company offices of Ordina N.V. Prior to this meeting, Ordina N.V. provides an update of its expected turnover and performance levels.

Ordina started off the year 2008 with securing a number of very large and prestigious assignments for, among others the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Ministry of Agriculture. During the first months of the year, the investment climate for Consulting, ICT and Outsourcing projects could be termed healthy. At present, we are working on an above-average number of tender processes for large long-term assignments. If awarded, these assignments will provide a positive contribution to our performance in the medium term.

We already announced on 4 March 2008 that we expect to realise a growth in turnover levels of at least 10 percent for the full year 2008, coupled with a slight improvement of the operating margin, based on the assumption that the investment climate in the Dutch and Belgian markets will continue to be healthy. Based on the performance in the first months of 2008 we uphold this forecast for the full year 2008. In the first half of the year, an above-average growth in turnover levels will be posted compared with the first half of 2007, while the relative operating margin in this first half year will be under some pressure. This is caused by the above-average efforts put forth by our commercial staff as well as our professional staff on tenders and a slight temporary pressure on productivity levels due to the start-up of the large new assignments as mentioned above.

On 4 March 2008, we announced that we intend to sell our Technical Automation unit. We expect to provide more information about this intended sale in the second half of May. Ordina N.V. will publish its interim results on 19 August 2008.