, December 8, 2009

Ordina to support Central Judiciary Account Collection Agency (CJIB) in further ICT development

The Dutch Central Judiciary Account Collection Agency (Dutch acronym: CJIB) has selected Ordina for the development of ICT services. The CJIB is a dynamic organisation that is currently undergoing major changes, one of which is the broadening of its services for the collection of accounts for the government. In support of this expanding workload, Ordina will help the Agency to further develop its ICT activities. This master agreement has a duration of at least three years and strengthens Ordina’s position in the public sector.

The CJIB is best known for its activities in the collection of traffic fines. But the Agency also recovers fines imposed by a Court and collects Court-ordered payments of damages and payments under confiscation orders. In the latter case, a Court has ruled that a convicted person enjoyed income from committing an offence. The CJIB then recovers any income enjoyed.

The CJIB is expecting growth as it will broaden its activities to include collection services for other government bodies over the next few years. In order to facilitate this growth, the Agency plans to further automate and standardise its own processes. Ordina will help the CJIB in reaching these goals.

“The CJIB will have to process a growing number of activities”, said Michiel van Lopik, Market Director Public at Ordina. “I am not only referring to the duties the Agency performs for the Ministry of Justice or the Public Prosecution Service, but also to the potential further increase in collection and recovery activities for other government bodies. With this in mind, the internal ICT structure and the internal processes will have to be adjusted to be able to accommodate all these services efficiently. Ordina is pleased to provide support to the CJIB in achieving these goals.”

About the Dutch Central Judiciary Account Collection Agency (CJIB)

The Central Judiciary Account Collection Agency (CJIB) is an implementing agency of the Ministry of Justice. Its more than 1,000 employees collect and recover fines and orders. The CJIB also has a coordinating role in administrating community punishment orders and prison sentences. In addition to providing services to the Ministry of Justice, the CJIB plans to broaden its recovery and collection activities to other government bodies as well. The CJIB is one of the largest employees in the northern part of the Netherlands.