, January 22, 2010

CFO Ordina N.V. announces departure

Ordina N.V. announces that Mr. J.H. (Hans) den Hartog, CFO and member of the Management Board of Ordina N.V., has announced that he will leave the company. Mr. Den Hartog will leave the company as per 31 March 2010, after finalizing the annual results and annual report for 2009. The supervisory board and the company respect his decision and wish to thank him for his long-lasting contribution to the development of Ordina. Reason for Mr. Den Hartog to step back is the fact that he is of the opinion that after 11 years of service as CFO and member of the Management Board, it is time to seek a new challenge. Since Ordina’s financial position is solid, now is the right time for a change. Mr. Den Hartog intends to fulfil a new personal perspective in the course of 2010.

Ordina will appoint Mr. B.H. (Bart) de Jong as successor of Mr. Den Hartog as CFO and member of the Management Board. The appointment of Mr. De Jong as statutory director will be put on the agenda for the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Mr. De Jong works at Ordina since May 2009 as Director of Finance of Ordina Nederland, the largest operating unit within the group. Before he joined Ordina, Mr. De Jong worked at KPN and USG People. In the upcoming period, Mr. Den Hartog will hand over his tasks to Mr. De Jong.

Ordina N.V. will publish its annual results for 2009 on 2 March 2010.