, October 18, 2011

Joris Höppener appointed Director of Business Solutions at Ordina

Ordina adds experienced manager to Executive Committee

Ordina has appointed Joris Höppener (39) as Director of its Business Solutions division. In addition to being responsible for the strategic and operational management of the Business Solutions division, Höppener will also join Ordina’s Executive Committee.  

Before joining Ordina, Höppener was a Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company. Having served in this role since 2003, he gained extensive experience in the ICT sector and in the financial markets in the Netherlands, Europe, Asia and Australia. Höppener advised top executives of large organisations on such issues as ICT sales management, operational improvements in offshoring, data centres, application development, IT management and on IT as a driver for innovation. 

Ordina’s Business Solutions division focuses on developing and bringing to out-of-the-box solutions to market-wide business problems, such as creating transparency in patient information originating from different source systems, implementing new rules and regulations in government systems, or mapping out the current status of pension and profiteering policies.