, April 12, 2011

Ordina appointed as the first SAP Business Communications Management Partner in the Netherlands

Appointment strengthens Ordina’s Working Smarter Together proposition

SAP has appointed Ordina as the first SAP Business Communications Management Partner (BCM) in the Netherlands. As SAP BCM partner, Ordina advises organisations on the possibilities of implementing BCM within organisations wishing to implement ‘the new way of working’. Ordina supports its clients with a total service offering for ‘the new way of working’, called Working Smarter Together. Working Smarter Together is an integrated solution for the new way of working, based on four cornerstones: context, business, functional and facilities. With SAP BCM, Ordina offers its clients an effective and flexible facility, integrating all communication channels between employees and clients in the existing contact processes, without any restriction in terms of the physical location of these employees.

Ordina offers its clients an integrated approach for implementing ‘the new way of working’ under the heading Working Smarter Together. The implementation of this new way of working requires attention to surroundings and strategy; while knowledge, culture and behaviour need to be influenced and structures and systems need to be changed.

Within organisations, SAP BCM enables communication that is entirely independent of any physical location. BCM is an IP-based contact centre with optimal integration of e-mail, telephone, chat and internet. SAP BCM also offers the opportunity to create new processes and to establish new teams aimed at bundling the relevant knowledge and to stimulate collaboration at a competitive rate.

“The appointment of Ordina as the first SAP BCM Partner in the Netherlands, is an acknowledgement of our knowledge in the areas of SAP and BCM”, says Stepan Breedveld, member of Ordina’s Management Board. “It is also an important step towards realising our Working Smarter Together proposition. Working Smarter Together combines consulting services in the field of Organisational Management and Change Management with the implementation of flexible software solutions, such as SAP BCM. We are proud to offer our clients a total service solution, allowing them to implement ‘the new way of working’ effectively.”