, May 26, 2011

Ordina and Jaspersoft Join Forces to offer Open Source Business Intelligence

Experience Open Source Business Intelligence at the joint Ordina and Jaspersoft seminar on June 8

Ordina and Jaspersoft today announced a partnership agreement to offer Open Source Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions to the Dutch market. Thanks to the partnership, Ordina and Jaspersoft together can help companies and governments to improve their performance by gathering, finding and using information quickly and effectively in a cost-efficient manner. Under the terms of the partnership, Ordina will implement Jaspersoft’s BI suite for its customers, providing consultation in terms of the  opportunities the software can bring to them. Ordina and Jaspersoft will present Jaspersoft’sOpen Source BI software at a joint seminar on June 8th, 2011 at Ordina’s Head Office in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

In the last half year, Ordina has had hands on experience in both the local government and telecommunications business with Jaspersoft’s solutions for  reporting, analysis and management of data. “By choosing Jaspersoft, our clients were able to save on existing licence fees and build a very flexible solution to suit their data management needs”, says Roland Rine, Director of the VisonWorks unit at Ordina. “These projects strengthened our belief that Jaspersoft offers our clients a very flexible, cost-efficient solution for BI, using Open Source software. We are proud that today we can announce the partnership between Ordina and Jaspersoft, enabling more clients to benefit from Open Source software for their BI needs.”

“Today, data is exploding in a variety of formats, compute platforms are becoming utility-based, and enterprise users are demanding a consumer web-style UI.The BI platform of the future needs to address these requirements of cost, cloud, and consumerization and that’s exactly what Jaspersoft is doing,” said Arjan Heijmenberg, Partner Manager, EMEA, Jaspersoft.

Ordina and Jaspersoft will demonstrate the strengths ofJaspersoft’s Open Source BI software at their joint seminar and Jaspersoft CEO, Brian Gentile will share his vision for BI in 2012 and beyond. The seminar will be held on June 8th, 2011 at the Ordina Head Office in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. The seminar invites Business Managers, IT Managers and Information Managers in the private or public sector. For more information about the event, please visit