, September 21, 2011

ProRail selects Ordina for SAP management

Ordina strengthens its market position in logistics market by winning seven-year contract

ProRail and Ordina have signed a contract under which Ordina will be responsible for the full management of all of ProRail’s SAP systems for the next seven years, starting 1 October 2011. These systems provide primary support to ProRail’s financial and logistical processes.

“Asset management is one of ProRail’s core activities. Following on from this, adequate management of the SAP systems is crucial to the ICT infrastructure. But we are also going to have to cut costs. Ordina’s proposal for services combined these two aspects,” said Henk Bothof, ProRail’s ICT Services Director.

With this contract, Ordina will further strengthen its position in the logistics market. “We are proud to add ProRail to our list of logistical clients, which already include Belgian Railways, Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol,” said Stépan Breedveld, CEO of Ordina, when the contract was signed. “It also confirms to us that we are operate at the top of market with our SAP activities. It is no coincidence that Ordina has the status of Special Expertise Partner, for both Application Management Service Provider and for Hosting. What is more, SAP has recently awarded us the title of ‘Best Certified Partner’.”

“Our ambition is to build a substantial position in a number of specific segments of the Industry market over and above our activities in the Public and Finance markets. Carriers & Mainports is such a segment,” added Breedveld. “From a European perspective, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, for instance, play a key role in the international supply chain to the European hinterland. In the Benelux, we carry out projects for a number of organisations that have a prominent position in passenger and goods transport, distribution and port operations.”