, May 9, 2012

Ordina AGM adopts financial statements, appoints Dirk Anbeek to Supervisory Board

Ordina N.V.’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders today adopted the company’s 2011 financial statements. The AGM also appointed Mr. D. J. (Dirk) Anbeek as a member of the Supervisory Board and approved the motion to amend the articles of association. This amendment of the articles of association constitutes an increase in the company’s group equity. Finally, the AGM granted a number of the usual authorisations, such as the authority to issue and purchase treasury shares.

Adoption financial statements

Ordina N.V.’s Annual  General Meeting of Shareholders adopted the financial statements for the 2011 financial year.  Ordina booked a recurring revenue of EUR 424.3 million and a total net loss of € 15.8 million, including one-off items. In view of the negative net result and in line with its dividend policy, Ordina will not pay out a dividend.

Composition Supervisory Board

In line with the resignation schedule, Robert-Jan van de Kraats resigned from the Supervisory Board during the General Meeting of Shareholders. Mr. Van de Kraats was not eligible for reappointment in view of the maximum number of terms as laid down in the Supervisory Board regulations. The General Meeting of Shareholders subsequently appointed Dirk Anbeek as a member of Ordina N.V.’s Supervisory Board for a four-year term. Dirk Anbeek is Chief Financial Officer of Wereldhave and has extensive managerial and line management experience. Mr. Anbeek also has considerable expertise in financial matters and in the field of information and communications technology in the financial sector. 


As a matter of standing practice, the General Meeting of Shareholders granted a number of authorisations. Stichting Prioriteit Ordina Groep (the priority trust) was authorised to issue new Ordina N.V. shares and in the process to exclude pre-emptive rights where appropriate. This authorisation was capped at 5% of the outstanding share capital of Ordina N.V. to date. In addition, the General Meeting of Shareholders authorised the Management Board to purchase no more than 10% of the outstanding share capital as treasury shares, at a price no more than 10% above the average closing price of Ordina N.V. share on the five trading days immediately preceding the effective date of purchase

Revenue and result development first quarter 2012

Ordina N.V. published its revenue and result in a press release this morning.