, August 21, 2012

Ordina’s Crowd Management solution passes first operational test

Two weeks ago, during the 2012 edition of the Amsterdam Gay Pride, Ordina successfully conducted an operational test on its newly developed crowd management solution for large-scale events. The test was conducted for Stichting ProGay, organiser of the 2012 Gay Pride. The crowd management solution creates a so-called “common operational picture” for the emergency services involved. The solution allows the event organisers, security officials, local authorities and emergency services to monitor the event beat by beat in a single overview. This enables them to act effectively if unsafe situations arise at any time, for instance if large groups of visitors move towards a single point at the same time.

“Innovation and security are important items on our management agenda. I am convinced that Ordina can contribute to both these areas by addressing a socially relevant issue such as the public‟s safety at large-scale events”, says Stépan Breedveld, Ordina‟s CEO.

How does it work?

The crowd management solution combines a host of information: the mobile traffic per base transceiver station (BTS), where groups of people are headed, the overall atmosphere amongst members of the public as well as the location of emergency personnel. Ordina processes and analyses all of this data with an information-processing platform called „Pulse‟, developed by Ordina/Clockwork. This information is plotted on a digital map, supplied by Han Dataport‟s mobile communication application Mobile Map Meetings, giving a complete overview of the current situation and potential risk areas during an event.

Using the Pulse security app on their Smartphones, emergency personnel and staff from the organisation were able to report on the current situation and irregularities from their specific locations. For many of the Gay Pride staff members, reporting via an app on a Smartphone was a new experience, but reactions from organisers, security and first aid officials have been extremely positive. Being able to send photographs showing how busy certain streets were, proved to be a valuable addition.

The basis for this success lies in the innovative processing of vast amounts of data (known as “Big data”) and the clever application of mobile technologies, as well as the intense cooperation between the various parties involved; Stichting ProGay, KPN, Han Dataport and Ordina/Clockwork. This pilot has proven that crowd movements can be mapped by utilising BTS data, in the interest of public safety. After evaluating the test conducted during the Gay Pride, Ordina expects to use this crowd management solution in the future to optimise the public‟s safety during large-scale events.