, April 4, 2012

Ordina appoints Rob Smeets as Managing Partner of Consulting division

Ordina has appointed Rob Smeets (aged 50) as Managing Partner of its Consulting division. In this capacity, Smeets will be responsible for the strategic and tactical leadership of the Consulting division. As Managing Partner, he will also remain active as a management consultant with Ordina’s clients and he is a member of the Executive Committee.

Until 1 April 2012, Stépan Breedveld fulfilled this role on an interim basis; he will now be focussing exclusively on his duties as Ordina’s CEO and Chairman of the Management Board.

Smeets has extensive experience in the Consulting sector as well as in Financial Services and the Public sector. Prior to joining Ordina, he held various directorships and managerial roles with Rabobank and the Police and consulted to different government organisations. Since joining Ordina, Smeets worked as a management consultant and Partner of the Finance Consulting unit, where he consulted to several large banks, amongst others, on management aspects and strategy.

The Consulting division implements strategy and policy in business processes and IT, based on in-depth knowledge of the Dutch market and the legislation and regulations applicable therein. The Consulting division’s market specialisations lie in the Public, Finance and Industry sectors and competence centres in the areas of Business Architecture, Customer Experience, Business Process Management, Security and Risk Management and Supply Chain Management.