, September 20, 2012

Ordina, Inter Access take innovation to Dichterbij

Stichting Dichterbij has selected the Ordina / Inter Access combine to manage its entire ICT environment, including infrastructure, applications and work stations. With this contract, Dichterbij is taking a step towards an entirely integrated, innovative ICT environment that will enable the organisation to provide the best possible care for its clients, now and in the future. The contract has a minimum duration of 5 years and 7 months with an option for two one-year extensions. Dichterbij has selected Ordina in its capacity as service integrator, together with Inter Access, as its innovation partners.

The first step towards a new innovative ICT environment is the implementation of an integrated work station solution - dubbed ‘WerkPlek 2.0’ (work station 2.0) - that is fully adapted to the flexible character of Dichterbij’s care services. This will provide Dichterbij with a technically efficient, scalable, easily accessible and safe work station and hosting solution that gives Dichterbij employees secure access to their information anytime, anywhere and on any device, making sure that their clients remain their main focus.

Marco Arts, ICT manager at Dichterbij, says of the choice: “ICT is not a goal, it is a means to support our employees in their everyday tasks. Whether at the office, in a client’s home or on location, it should be as easy to access as water from a tap. WerkPlek 2.0 is the integrated work station solution that allows Dichterbij to catch up in terms of both required functionality and the way we provide our services. But that’s not all, because with Ordina and Inter Access as partners, we are creating a solid basis for future innovations!”
Following the implementation of WerkPlek 2.0, Dichterbij’s 5,000 employees will be able to optimise how they organise their work regardless of location, time or device. And this ranges from secure access to client information, online cooperation in the health care chain and active sharing of know-how to multimedia communications. The ultimate goal continues to be: excellent care for Dichterbij’s clients.

“Dichterbij clearly sees ICT as a potential enabler in their services. The smart implementation of innovative solutions enables the Dichterbij staff to work even more efficiently and provide even better services for their clients,” says Barend de Zoete, Director Professional Services & Projects at Ordina. “Dichterbij was looking for a real innovation partner with expertise in the healthcare market, a partner that understands the services and how ICT can be used to the greatest effect, now and in the future. ICT has to be ‘like water from a tap’, always available and easily accessible. The implementation of WerkPlek 2.0 and the associated infrastructure will ensure that Dichterbij employees will soon be able to work regardless of time, location and device. And this is only the first step towards truly innovative ICT for Dichterbij, ICT that actually supports its operations. Our vision, something we share with Dichterbij, is that ICT can no longer be restrictive; ICT should act as a stimulus or catalyst for the best possible services for their clients.”
“This collaboration allows Ordina and Inter Access to combine their strengths in the best possible way. Both organisations have a focus on the care sector. Ordina and Inter Access are putting together their expertise, know-how and experience in the fields of care, applications and infrastructures. A smart combination that ensures that Dichterbij gets the optimum and most innovative solution for its infrastructure and work stations,” says Bert van Haarlem, commercial director at Inter Access.