, February 16, 2012

Ordina and Omniplan offer solution enabling integrated mortgage advice

Ordina and Omniplan have closed a partnership agreement to develop and deliver an integrated solution enabling financial advice. This partnership will enable financial service providers to advise their customers on their mortgage and other related financial products proactively - from the orientation phase up to and including taking out a new mortgage. With this partnership, Ordina strengthens its position in the financial services market.

The solution consists of Omniplan’s Enterprise Advice Platform, seamlessly combined with Ordina’s ATvance Suite. The integrated system represents a combination of front, middle and back-office systems with in-depth knowledge of financial products. Customers are able to firstly review the information on their mortgage in a web portal, including the current situation, financing possibilities and related insurance products. This information enables the customer to easily and independently request advice from the financial service provider. The system also enables the financial service provider to contact customers proactively with advice, when the situation calls for it. As an example: the system automatically selects customers with mortgage terms that need to be reviewed and renewed in the near future and then generates a new quote, that can be tailored to the customer’s exact needs.

“Since customers have become more critical of their financial service provider, it has become of crucial importance to financial service providers that they offer their customers proactive advice suitable to their needs”, according to Mike Gries, Director of the Finance Consulting unit from Ordina. “This allows them to strengthen ties with their customers, building and strengthening trust. The solution that we offer with Omniplan, places the customer at the centre of the financial advice process. This offers financial service providers the opportunity to offer their customers a proactive, integral advice on their financial future.”

“The possibilities offered by our Enterprise Advise Platform come to their full potential when properly integrated with the Mid- and Back-office”, says Dick Verhaar, Managing Director of Omniplan. “The collaboration with Ordina is a further extension of our vision: Client-driven Advice. With our Enterprise Advise Platform, we offer an integrated environment that guides the advisor and the customer by exploring cleverly constructed advice processes and that supports a multichannel approach to the market. The customer is given  complete insight and a full overview of their financial situation during the entire process and even allowed to turn the ‘dials’ in coming to the best advice. With Ordina, we offer our clients an excellent solution.”