, December 4, 2012

Ordina launches ‘Lync-in-the-box’

Ordina is expanding its services in the field of Unified Communications & Collaboration with the launch of ‘Lync-in-the-box’. Lync-in-the-box allows companies to explore all the possibilities of Microsoft’s Unified Communications platform Lync Server without obligation. Ordina is today presenting its services in the field of Unified Communications & Collaborations at the Social Enterprise Society (SES) Lync Day 2012 in Bussum, the Netherlands. 

“Unified Communications and Collaboration is one of our innovation themes,” says Barend de Zoete, Director of Professional Services & Projects.  “It offers companies the opportunity to work much more efficiently, regardless of the locations of any individual employee. The launch of Lync-in-the-box is an important step in the expansion of our services in this area. Providing a combination of software solutions like Lync with our know-how of company processes and the implementation of Samen Slimmer Werken (working smarter together) means we can truly support our customers in every aspect of Unified Communications and new ways of working. Current technology makes that possible. However, the way it is implemented is what makes sure that users can and will actually work in the most optimum way. I am proud that we can support our customers in all of these areas.”

Lync integrates all business communications in a single platform, combined with information about the physical availability of a person. This allows employees to very quickly see the best way to contact a colleague, whether this via telephone, chat or e-mail. Long-distance cooperation and discussions are also more efficient with Lync. For instance you can arrange a conference call and everybody can work on the same document simultaneously.

Lync Server integrates all business communications, from chat to work meeting, in a single platform. Companies interested in the software can apply it in their own test environment for 30 days. Lync-in-the-box is available for EUR 2,499. Ordina will configure and install Lync Server in the company, as part of the solution. The box also contains all necessary equipment, such as webcams and headsets for 25 employees. These users also receive a temporary 30-day licence for Microsoft Office 365/Lync Online. Following a brief basic training course, they can explore and experience the Unified Communications platform for this trial period, with support from Ordina.