, July 11, 2012

Ordina joins the Esri Partner Network

Esri, supplier of Geographical Information Systems, has invited Ordina to join its Partner Network. In doing so, Esri acknowledges Ordina’s knowledge and focus in the area of GEO IT. Ordina uses Esri products in its internal projects and in providing its services to clients. By joining the Esri Partner Network, Ordina undertakes the first steps in further expanding its GEO IT services (customised development, implementation and management) for clients in the Public, Financial Services and Industrial sectors.

“Geographical information is gaining importance among our clients”, according to Barend de Zoete, Director of Ordina’s Professional Services & Projects division. “By adding this information to the existing systems, users are given access to much richer sources of information. Especially in the Public sector and the Industry market, we already see a widespread use of geographical information, but this information is relevant to many other sectors as well. Ordina has built up a wealth of experience in implementing GEO IT solutions. We are also proud of the fact that this knowledge and experience has been recognised by Esri in awarding Ordina the Esri Silver partnership.”

Janneke Korenromp, Partner Manager for Esri in the Netherlands, is enthusiastic about working with Ordina. To her, it is logical that the IT service provider has become partner to Esri. “Ordina is an organisation with experience in GEO IT and Esri is happy to support Ordina in its ambition to grow with GEO IT. This partnership will allow Ordina to anticipate the dynamics of the technology with greater ease. We also expect that the number of valuable GEO IT applications that Ordina is implementing, will increase.”

More and more software applications are using Geographical information. The information available to users is enriched by adding geographical information. The Agrosense platform, recently distinguished with the 2012 ICT Environmental Award (ICT Milieu Award), is an example of such an application. This platform allows growers to link measurement data gained from sensors to specific sections of land. Thanks to the use of GEO IT, an interactive map of the land shows where the strongest and weakest plants are situated in order for the growers to fertilize the sections of land accordingly. The application of GEO IT makes this possible.