, May 14, 2013

Ordina selected to supply agile development teams for CAK

The CAK, the Health Ministry’s executive organisation in the healthcare sector, has selected Ordina as supplier of agile development teams, following a European tender. The framework contract is for two years with an option for an extension of two times one year. The CAK wishes to increase quality, continuity, flexibility and capacity in the field of agile development. The framework agreement gives Ordina the opportunity to combine its know-how of the public and healthcare sectors with its agile experience.

“The public sector market and the healthcare market constantly have to respond to changing regulations and legislation,” says Barend de Zoete, Director of Professional Services & Projects at Ordina. “This often requires substantial changes to the IT systems that are used. Deploying agile development will give the CAK the ability to adapt software quickly to any and all changes. Our specialists are pleased to be given this opportunity to use their know-how and expertise to optimise agile development at the CAK.”

Agile development

Agile development is an extremely flexible approach to software development. Agile software development teams work on small ‘sub-projects’ in short manageable periods (iterations), rather than working on a large-scale, complex development process spanning many months.

In Agile development projects, the development team members collaborate closely and prefer to communicate directly with each other and frequently with the other stakeholders in the project. The team aims to deliver something usable at the end of virtually every iteration. And at the end of each iteration, the developers also reassess the project priorities. This working method makes it is possible to adjust and adapt software quickly and easily, even during the development process itself. This in turn enables organisations to respond rapidly to legislative changes, the wishes of end-users or other external factors.