, July 4, 2013

Ordina wins application development and management contract from health insurance body

Following a public tender procedure, the health care insurance board College voor Zorgverzekeringen (CVZ) has selected Ordina as one of three preferred suppliers for the development and management of tailor-made applications and IT consultancy. The framework agreement is valid for a minimum of three and a maximum of five years. The agreement bolsters Ordina’s position in the healthcare market and marks a further expansion of the company’s management activities.

The CVZ has opted to outsource IT services so it can respond quickly and flexibly to new technologies at reduced cost. The CVZ, together with its IT partners, will also be able to adapt its existing IT services to the evolving wishes and demands of both the government and the public. The move is part of the organisation’s drive to continuously improve its services.

“The CVZ is faced with changes in legislation and regulations, government budget cuts and ever greater demands from the public,” says Barend de Zoete, Director of Professional Services & Projects at Ordina. “This makes enormous demands of the organisation’s IT infrastructure. After all, the CVZ has to deal not just with the government and the public, but also with insurance companies and care providers. And they too expect their claims to be processed quickly and they expect the processes to be in line with the latest rules and regulations. I am convinced that our experience in the healthcare market and our expertise in tailor-made applications will enable us optimise the CVZ’s IT infrastructure. Our goal is to make sure that IT continues to support CVZ in the execution of its tasks: advice on and execution of public healthcare insurances.”