, January 24, 2013

Ordina opens new office in Luxembourg

Local presence to boost regional growth

Today Ordina officially opened its new office in Luxembourg. With this new office, Ordina boosts its presence in the region. The new office provides plenty of room for growth while boosting the our company’s local, professional image in the Luxembourg market.

In the 7 years of its’ existence, Ordina in Luxembourg has experienced a growth from 7 consultants in 2005 to over 40 consultants present day. “But this personnel growth is not the only reason we have been searching for a new home in the area”, says Luxembourg Country Manager Jean Massin. “Our services in Luxembourg have changed considerably in the past years. We moved from secondment to management services. This means that our consultants are more often working from our offices, instead of being on-site with our clients. Ofcourse, this move in services calls for a suitable new location, with room for growth.”

And that is exactly what the new office stands for: providing for a solid home where Ordina can work on a sustainable future. In more ways than one. While the offices provide plenty of room for our consultants and provide Ordina with a seat in one of the most upstanding high tech parcs in Luxembourg, the office is also located in a so-called ‘passive building’. The building itself is completely self-sufficient in heating and energy. Sediments on the exterior walls, wind mills on the roof and solar panels make sure that the building does not only require very few energy, but it actually provides energy for its inhabitants. And thus the office helps Ordina to not only work on ICT solutions for a sustainable, digital future, but it also works on driving down location costs.

Jean Massin continues: “As we work on becoming a true SAP competence centre in Luxembourg, it is also very important to be situated close to our clients and employees. For in Luxembourg, what you know is very important, but where you are is almost equally important. Our clients want to do business with Luxembourg companies, who do not only have extensive knowledge of ICT and business, but are able to combine that knowledge with in-depth knowledge of the local market. With this move, we are able to provide our clients with the services they need, offered by local specialists, being our Luxembourg consultants.”