, August 22, 2013

Ordina streamlines Martini Hospital procurement processes

Process optimisation and hospital-specific ERP system help reduce costs

The Martini Hospital in Groningen has chosen Ordina as its partner for the optimisation of its procurement, logistics and financial processes. In the coming five years, Ordina will help the Martini hospital to realise cost-savings of at least 2.5% on its procurement costs through the optimisation of its procurement process and the implementation of a healthcare-specific ERP solution. The five-year agreement has an estimated value of around EUR 1.7 million. This new contract further strengthens Ordina’s presence in the healthcare market. 

The Martini Hospital is launching the so-called Topfit programme with aim of realising savings on secondary processes in order to release more budget for healthcare innovations and by doing so further improving the care the hospital provides. One of the secondary processes where savings are possible is the procurement of materials and services. Ordina will implement a standardised ERP system specifically designed for hospitals, which among other things will give the Martini Hospital access to a complete overview of all purchasing costs. Ordina will subsequently optimise the procurement processes at the hospital. The purchasing process will be linked to internal ‘webshops’, where end-users such as doctors and nurses can order the materials they require quickly and efficiently. The combination of process optimisation and the smart use of IT will enable the Martini Hospital to both improve its procurement and save costs.

Hans Gellekink, Director of the Finances and Care Administration department at the Martini Hospital, on the Topfit programme: “The aim of this project is to launch a new system at the Martini Hospital quickly and efficiently, a system that has already proven its worth at other hospitals. We will create a more efficient process which will also give improved and accelerated access to financial information. The process of ordering via webshops is convenient for the end-users, while we see numerous opportunities for savings because we will have greater control of the procurement process. We have chosen Ordina on the basis of performance-based purchasing. We did not want to buy a system; we wanted to realise a business case. Ordina guarantees the agreed performance and we give them the room to operate as an expert.”

“We are entering a unique collaboration with the Martini Hospital,” says Barend de Zoete, Director of Professional Services & Projects at Ordina. “Over the next five years, we will join forces with the Martini Hospital to realise a common goal, savings of 2.5% on the hospital’s procurement costs. To achieve this goal, we will not only use our know-how of hospital and expertise in change processes, we will also begin the implementation of an ERP system. We developed this system in cooperation with the Haaglanden Hospital in The Hague. It provides a standardised ERP system based on Oracle eBS, and includes a number of hospital-specific functionalities. This will enable the Martini Hospital to benefit from a standardised ERP system that is optimised for the specific processes of hospitals. It is a great example of co-creation between an IT services provider and the healthcare market, aimed at helping to cut costs in the healthcare sector.”