, April 24, 2014

Ordina’s Clockwork develops new Stibbe website

Ordina’s digital engagement agency, Clockwork, has developed the new website for Benelux law firm Stibbe ( This digital channel plays a key role in Stibbe’s communications and reinforces its profile as a leading Benelux law firm with a strong international presence. Stibbe also uses the website for marketing and communications with the employment market.

Clockwork developed the website’s ‘we are Stibbe’ concept, which puts Stibbe’s people front and centre on the website. After all, the firm’s people are Stibbe’s most valuable asset and it is frequently the personal connection between lawyer and client that is the deciding factor in the selection of a law firm.

The personal touch and the individual character of the lawyers are key components of the ‘we are Stibbe’ concept. Photographer Jasper Zwartjes travelled the world to photograph all the employees at the various Stibbe offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, London, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York. The corporate website lists the expertise of each and every employee, making it easy for existing and potential clients to communicate directly with Stibbe’s specialists.

Clockwork is responsible for the development of the concept, the design and the technical realisation for the website and also directed the development of all content and photography. The end result is a truly fitting online presence for Stibbe.

"The creative concept Clockwork designed for us is a perfect fit. It is a personal and open approach that invites visitors to make contact. We are extremely proud of our new website! This will also bolster our positioning as an international Benelux company,” a spokesperson for Stibbe said.