, June 5, 2014

Ordina nominated for Computable Awards 2014

Ordina has been nominated by Computable for the title of IT service provider of the year 2014. The nomination follows the launch of the new shared emergency call centre for police, fire and ambulance services in Ypenburg (The Hague) by the Haaglanden security region. Ordina was responsible for the construction of the IT infrastructure and the implementation of the full-scale workplace virtualisation for the new system. The new emergency centre provides very high levels of reliability at a lower cost than previous systems.

The Computable jury noted that the integration of several emergency call centres for police, fire and ambulance services required a truly innovative approach to a complex project. "Of course the connections between the systems have to work well, but the people working there also have to have very rapid access to the information they need. Emergency call centre employees work under very high pressure and every second counts. Combining the various systems and keeping all the stakeholders to one line has been a great achievement in this project. It is well known that there are major cultural differences between the employees of the various public order and safety organisations," the jury said in its report.

Stépan Breedveld, CEO Ordina, is delighted by the nomination. “This is a great example of how we are putting our motto of ‘IT, but for people’ into practice. Thanks to frequent consultations with everyone involved in this project, we have managed to deliver a truly innovative infrastructure for this emergency call centre. An emergency call centre is the last place you need to be let down by technology and users have to be able to do their work without IT systems being a hindrance.”

Visitors to the Computable website can cast their votes in twelve categories until the 15th of October. An independent jury has nominated five organisations and/or individuals per category. The jury ranking and the number of votes from Computable readers will be combined to decide the winners of the awards.

The prizes will be handed out to the winner on Thursday the 6th of November.