, November 12, 2014

Ordina receives inquiry request

Ordina N.V. today received a copy of a request from Mont Cervin S.À.R.L. sent to the Corporate Chamber of the Amsterdam District Court, asking the court to instigate an inquiry. The request for an inquiry is, in short, related to Ordina’s communications policy from May 2014 onwards regarding potential irregularities in tenders and contracts from public sector bodies, as revealed in the Zembla television programme on 2 October 2014. Ordina will oppose this request.

As noted in the most recent press release of 4 November 2014, Ordina expects to complete the ongoing internal investigation in the fourth quarter of 2014 or at the latest in the first quarter of 2015. After completion of the internal investigation, Ordina will publicly report all relevant findings to all of its stakeholders. When it presents the outcome of the investigation, Ordina will also provide an overview of all relevant facts that have emerged in this recent period. At the same time, we will provide further information on the measures we have taken in the context of the previously announced integrity programme we are introducing across the company.