Ilse Pauwels, June 18, 2015

Energy-saving solutions tailor-made for the customer. EnergyVille and Ordina Belgium to develop an Energy2Consumer (E2C) platform for the energy market.

Mechelen, 18 June 2015

EnergyVille and Ordina have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement for the development and commercialisation of the E2C platform. This technological innovation is aimed at players in the energy market and their consumers. Energy2Consumer simplifies the dialogue with the private customer. The E2C platform analyses the energy consumption of private individuals and provides tailor-made sustainable, cost-saving solutions.

The E2C platform enables analyses and simulations to be carried out based on simple queries and underlying research data. The application provides concrete insights into energy consumption and promotes energy-saving measures and heat recovery initiatives. The solution is innovative, tailor-made and offers a superior user experience.

Sustainable energy consumption
The world population is growing and energy consumption per capita is increasing. Conventional energy resources are limited and are responsible for environmental pollution. These challenges can be met by aligning energy needs and energy generation in a more sustainable way in the future. Rational energy consumption, an economical and efficient approach to energy has to be an active consideration in various sectors such as households, industry and transport.

Sustainable enterprise
EnergyVille and Ordina Belgium have joined forces for the development of the E2C platform within the framework of sustainable and rational energy consumption.

‘The E2C platform is being developed by Ordina and is based on scientific research, data and mathematical algorithms by EnergyVille,’ says Walter Eevers, member of the management committee of EnergyVille, ‘EnergyVille unites the KU Leuven, VITO and imec research centres for research into sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. Together, we are committed to sustainability and transitional thinking. Ordina is a like-minded partner in this.’ 

‘Ordina is building the E2C platform and implements the solution for the energy players. Depending on the specific needs of the consumer, a unique user experience will be created by Clockwork, the digital engagement agency of Ordina. The result is personalised energy advice,’ says Jo Maes, CEO of Ordina Belgium. ‘Afterwards, Ordina will also provide full support. We aim to offer ICT which really helps people. ICT which matters and which has been developed without wasting resources. We do this through sustainable innovation in collaboration with our partners and customers.’

‘EnergyVille is an established presence in the innovation landscape. The launch of the E2C platform with EnergyVille as a partner is completely in line with our strategy,’ concludes Jo Maes.