, January 15, 2015

Ordina submits statement of defence against inquiry request

Ordina N.V. has today submitted a statement of defence in response to the petition Mont Cervin submitted to the Corporate Chamber of the Amsterdam District Court on 12 November 2014 asking the court to instigate an inquiry. In the statement of defence, Ordina concludes that an inquiry into its policies or the course of events at the company is not justified.

Mont Cervin’s request in summary focuses on Ordina’s communications policies from May 2014 onwards regarding potential irregularities in tender procedures and contracts from public sector bodies as highlighted in the Zembla television programme broadcast on 2 October 2014. For the sake of completeness, Ordina also notes in its statement of defence that it has heard that Zembla is working on a follow-up broadcast.

The Corporate Chamber will hear Mont Cervin’s petition during a session on 12 February 2015.

As previously announced, Ordina will publish its findings based on the outcome of the internal investigation into said potential irregularities at the end of January 2015, and will include all relevant facts that have occurred in this context.