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Corporate Social Responsibility

In cooperation with our clients

Ordina sees sustainability as a natural part of its business operations. It is in our DNA, which is hardly surprising for an organisation that is celebrating its 41th anniversary this year. Back in 2002, we were among the first companies in the Netherlands to start integrating corporate social responsibility in our business operations. Ordina was co-founder and first chairman of Samenleving en Bedrijf (society and business), which has since been renamed MVO Nederland, or CSR the Netherlands.

We use energy, paper and transport as sustainably as possible – in every sense – in our services and business operations. Ordina also devotes and draws attention to sustainability in the contracts we offer our clients. And we cooperate with our clients to create sustainable solutions and join forces with them to find solutions for social issues.

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Stakeholder dialogue and ambassador group

We have been organising dialogues with our stakeholders on the subject of sustainability since 2010.  In November 2011, we organised an internal dialogue with 18 managers from the business and the staff departments.  In February 2012, we held a similar session with representatives from our stakeholders. At the end of this inspiring session, we were able to conclude that we already do a great deal on the sustainability front, especially in our day-to-day operations. But it was also clear that we could do a lot more in the areas that we are already working on. And that we could be more creative in finding sustainable solutions in our services. Corporate social responsibility is an excellent fit with Ordina, our profile, the type of contracts we offer and our employees.

Ordina sets up a Sustainability Ambassador Group

Based on the input from the internal and external dialogue, in 2012 we embedded sustainability more deeply and more broadly in the organisation.  We have assigned shared responsibilities in the fields of sustainable operations, sustainable products and services and social responsibility across the divisions and relevant staff departments.  And in order to embed sustainability even more firmly in the business, we have set up the Sustainability Ambassador Group. These ambassadors are direct links to the company, both top-down and bottom-up. Each year, the Ambassador Group sets an agenda for sustainability-related initiatives and makes sure that we actually follow through on these initiatives and that we communicate them effectively both within the company and beyond.

Social commitment

With our knowledge and expertise, we can make a difference when it comes to social issues. At Ordina, we want to work towards solutions for social issues using our knowledge and expertise. Where previously the focus was mainly on Africa, it is now on local issues. We do this in two ways: through the Ordina Foundation and through our partnership with the Oranje Fonds.

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Sustainable business and certification

Sustainable business is important to Ordina. We have been structurally measuring the progress of relevant corporate issues since 2009. We report our findings each year, according to the international guidelines for sustainability reports (GRI 3, level C). In our business endeavours we strive to find a perfect balance between economic, ecological, and social interests. We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance and minimise our CO2 emissions as much as possible. In 2013, we became the first ICT company to achieve level 5 status on the CO2 Performance Ladder – the highest possible level. In 2014, our interim audits were successfully concluded, resulting in full certification. We have set a concrete objective to reduce our CO2 output by 20% in 2020 compared to that of 2010 . We are also a member of U15, a growing network of more than seventy employers in the Central Netherlands committed to improving regional accessibility and reducing CO2 emissions.

Ordina is ISO 14001 certified. This certificate describes the core elements of an environmental management system and is a tool to help companies achieve their improvement goals, with a focus on environmental preservation. Within the framework of energy savings, Ordina is an active participant in the long-term agreements on energy efficiency (LTA3). Its purpose is to improve energy efficiency in the industry. In 2012 we drafted an energy efficiency plan for the 2013-2016 period. This plan was approved by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) and is currently on target. In 2014, Ordina was ranked 61st on the Transparency Benchmark and was awarded FIRA Bronze certification. FIRA is a digital registry where companies can demonstrate their CSR performance to consumers.

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Sustainable services

Ordina wants to make a positive and active contribution to society through its services, too. Making that contribution to society motives and inspires us in the work we do each and every day. We use our IT expertise to create smart solutions that contribute to general well-being and to sustainability.

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