Sustainable services

Sustainable services

Ordina wants to make a positive and active contribution to society through its services, too. Making that contribution to society motives and inspires us in the work we do each and every day. We use our IT expertise to create smart solutions that contribute to general well-being and to sustainability.

Quli: taking care of yourself

Quli - Zorg voor jezelf - OrdinaQuli stands for Quality of Life. It is a ground-breaking eHealth solution co-created by Ordina and four major Dutch healthcare organisations. The Dr. Leo Kannerhuis is an autism expertise and treatment centre, Arq is a psychotrauma expert group, while Amarant and Pluryn specialise in clients with a mental disability. What Ordina brings to the table is its wide-ranging expertise in IT, the healthcare sector and the potential of eHealth solutions. Pooling our expertise creates a very powerful combination that will come up with innovative healthcare solutions.

Regardless of the nature of your disorder, Quli helps you do more for yourself, gives you greater independence and creates more opportunities to make and maintain contact with others in a safe fashion By offering immediate support options, which reduces stress, Quli makes it a lot easier to participate in everyday social life. You simply belong and you can participate!

Quli is easy to use on your PC, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection. You can use it immediately and approach the people you think should have access to your digital environment. They may be friends, colleagues, parents, neighbours, but also a teacher or your doctor. And you decide who has access to which part of your information. You also decide who you want or need to contact, when you contact them and in which situation. You can create an account via and set up your own Quli to meet your own specific needs.

Quli provides ‘Care for yourself’: you are actively involved in your healthcare, with a clear focus on self-sufficiency, management and prevention. Quli helps you with apps that offer a range of functionalities. These include apps in the field of eHealth, but also apps that facilitate online interaction between you and your family, friends and others. Others provide information: these apps give you access to your own information at various healthcare providers and include a Personal Healthcare File, where you can store your own information for easy access.

Sustainable development: Agrosense

Agrosense offers the entire agri-food chain - from producer to buyer - clear insight into the complete production process. It also facilitates precision farming. What this means is that arable farmers know the exact quantities of crop protection, fertiliser and water they need to use. This helps them avoid excessive use and makes their farming more sustainable . The detailed information Agrosense provides also helps the farmer to combine high production and high quality. More information about Agrosense.

Young Ordina and the 1% Club

Young Ordina organises an annual co-creation event with the 1% Club. The 1% Club is a marketplace for small-scale development projects. Rather than donate 1% of their income, the members of Young Ordina choose to donate 1% of their time to such initiatives. In one afternoon and one evening, young professionals from Ordina and its clients work on five cases aimed at finding solutions for a range of issues. These vary from using WhatsApp to warn against the incursion of rebel forces to making academic papers available to a university in Africa. Combine this with the optimum use of new media and you have development cooperation 2.0. More information about the co-creation event.