Sustainable business and certification

Sustainable business

Sustainable business is a key element in our policy. Since 2009, we have been conducting structural measurements and drafting annual reports according to the international guidelines for sustainability reports (GRI 3, level C).


Sustainable business involves issues such as environmental initiatives, sales, and HRM policy. Our environmental objectives are to realise a 2% reduction in energy consumption, a 2% reduction in CO output, and a 2% reduction in fuel consumption compared to 2012. We will also strive to maintain our level 5 status on the CO2 Performance Ladder. We hope to become more selective in terms of our products and suppliers and plan on pursuing an HRM policy aimed at inclusivity.

Energy reduction

Energy consumption refers to the amount of electricity and gas consumed. In 2014, Ordina achieved a 0.5% reduction in electricity consumption per workstation (in kWh) and a 28.7% reduction in gas consumption per workstation (in m3). Translated into CO2 output, we achieved an 86.4% reduction in electricity and a 33.3% reduction in gas consumption. We did so by transitioning to wind power, focusing on more efficient housing, and introducing LED lights.



CO2 reduction

Ordina achieved a CO2 reduction of 8.8% per FTE in 2014 and is ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is an environmental management system to help companies meet their improvement targets and give environmental preservation the attention it deserves.


CO2 Performance Ladder

In 2013, Ordina became the first ICT company to achieve level 5 status on the CO2 Performance Ladder – the highest possible level. Ordina's objective is to achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 output by 2020 compared to 2010. To do so, we are relying on the contribution of all employees. We encourage our employees to choose lease cars with a low CO2 output and to drive economically. We have also defined specific measures for our outsourcing and management services. These include the ability to work anytime and anywhere according to the New Work (Het Nieuwe Werken) principle and the procurement of green B energy for all of our data centres. More information about the CO2 Performance Ladder can be found here.

Fuel reduction

In 2014, Ordina achieved a fuel reduction of 3.8% per car. Expressed in terms of CO2 output, we achieved a 3.2% reduction in fuel consumption. Through our mobility programme, which focuses primarily on CO2 reduction, we are raising awareness for the advantages of lease cars among our employees. The three core elements are the passenger dashboard, fuel-efficient cars, and the semi-electric car pilot.



Sustainability is an integral part of our supplier and product selection process. Sustainability issues therefore constitute a positive discriminating factor in the selection of our suppliers and products. When selecting new hardware and computers, we explicitly opted for energy-efficient devices. Of course, we also opted for green energy, LED lights, and more energy-efficient data centre.

HRM policy Inclusivity

Ordina strives to become an inclusive organisation with room for differences, dialogue, and diversity. We believe that an inclusive organisation contributes to higher quality services and a more appealing work environment for our employees. An inclusive organisation also embraces differences. We seek to attain and maintain an open and tolerant corporate climate that strikes the right balance between the various target groups. Our 2015 employee engagement survey includes several additional questions to identify the current culture and to generate a clear overview of the various diversity groups.
As part of our inclusivity policy, we support targeted initiatives such as Women in ICT and people who have difficulty finding work. Ordina works with several chain partners to help these people successfully enter the labour market. Our Dutch partners include the employee initiative Utrecht Onbeperkt aan de Slag, De Normaalste Zaak, and the Municipality of Utrecht. In Belgium, Ordina collaborates with Passwerk on deploying testers. Passwerk is a personal development and reintegration company for people with limited access to the employment market.