Social commitment

Social commitment

With our knowledge and expertise, we can make a difference when it comes to social issues. At Ordina, we want to work towards solutions for social issues using our knowledge and expertise. Where previously the focus was mainly on Africa, it is now on local issues. We do this in two ways: through the Ordina Foundation and through our partnership with the Oranje Fonds.

The Ordina Foundation

The Ordina Foundation gives employees the opportunity to use their knowledge and expertise to support their own projects. The sponsorship is in the form of services provided by Ordina, in which both Ordina and the employee invest their time. An important part of Ordina's sustainability policy is that we enable employees to contribute to solving social issues using their specialist expertise. From the Ordina Foundation, we support concrete, short-term social projects that are closely related to our core business. We do not do this by donating money, but by actively using the knowledge of our employees. In this way, we ensure that ICT works for people.

Partnership with the Oranje Fonds

The Oranje Fonds is the largest national fund in the social field. Each year, the fund supports over 7,000 social initiatives in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean part of our Kingdom. The partnership between Ordina and the Oranje Fonds is expressed by the fact that the Oranje Fonds finds relevant (social) organisations where Ordina can make the greatest impact. Ordina then finds employees within its company who have the right specialist knowledge and are willing to invest time. Because those who want to help others should not have to do it alone.

For and by employees

Every Ordina employee can present a project to the Chairman of the Sustainability Ambassador Group. Together with a small delegation from the organisation, the Ambassador Group will assess whether a project meets certain conditions, followed by an advice from the Executive Board. The most important requirement is that the project can be completed for and by Ordina employees. Ordina only contributes in the form of providing its own services. Upon approval of and therefore participation in the project, Ordina will contribute a number of the hours required (on the condition that the employee who has submitted the request will also invest hours in the project himself).

Examples of projects

The following are a number of examples of projects supported by Ordina:

We assisted the Nieuwegein penitentiary via the Ordina Foundation. We organised workshops based on the theme of ‘Applying for jobs’, in which we offered detainees the opportunity to hone their job application skills. During the workshops, we devoted attention to subjects such as making a good first impression, self-esteem, and focussing on what you’re good at. These factors all increase the chances of finding a job when re-entering the job market.

Ordina helps IVN to lay solid foundation for growth
The Instituut voor Natuureducatie en Duurzaamheid (IVN) (Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability) is a green non-profit organisation that aims to promote a sustainable society by involving young and old in nature. Via the Ordina Foundation, we have helped IVN to lay a solid and sustainable foundation for its growth plan.

One of the basic preconditions in order to achieve organisational growth is a reliable ICT infrastructure, or in this case reliable hosting. Ordina has helped to deliver this by putting our knowledge into practice so that IVN can interact with the cloud in the most effective way. Another precondition for sustainable growth is efficient and effective acquisition. This requires a detailed insight into the target demographic. As part of its growth strategy, IVN wants to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Because this issue is closely related to our core business, Ordina has selected IVN as one of its community projects. Together with IVN, we identified all the needs of IVN and then looked at what was available in the market and what would be most suitable for their organisation.

Ordina supports the Red Cross in improving the quality system of First Aid training 
Ordina helped the First Aid department of the Dutch Red Cross to bring the quality system of its First Aid training to a higher level. The quality system focuses on guaranteeing the key processes in the development and implementation of the First Aid courses. The partnership between Ordina and the Red Cross has led to a number of concrete results. For example, a quality handbook for First Aid training has been created, and a training and supervision plan has been set up for auditors. This improves First Aid training, meaning that Ordina contributes to increasing the self-reliance of our society. In this way, we use our knowledge and skills to show our social commitment.

Ordina helps the Dutch Neurofibromatosis Association with its social media strategy
Neurofibromatosis is the collective name for a number of hereditary disorders of non-sex chromosomes, which mainly affect skin and nerve tissue. It is a relatively unknown disorder. The Dutch Neurofibromatosis Association is the patient organisation that helps people with this disease. The use of social media can make a positive contribution to this.

Ordina Noord coaches young people
Coach2B is an initiative that aims to encourage young people with "baggage", or who are at risk of falling behind, through coaching and mentoring in education and on the labour market by people from the industry. This year, the Ordinese from the North region participated in Coach2B in Groningen for the second year running. Humanitas has a preferential role in the initiative that was also a great success in 2012.

Summer camp JJC
We help Youthcare+ institution JJC in providing a summer programme for young people. During the summer months, an alternative education programme is set up due to the school holidays. The main focus is on the coming together of young people, care workers, service personnel and businesses. During the workshops, the young people are inspired and gain an insight into how to better shape their future. Consultants of Ordina provide one of the workshops for the young people.