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We team up with our clients to help them respond to issues specific to the Benelux region; from local laws and regulations to the specific requirements of their end-users. We are nearby, accessible and we have experience and expertise in the markets in which our clients operate.

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Ordina wishes to realise sustainable growth. We offer top quality and that requires focussed key markets. Our portfolio and our expertise are well suited to the four markets mentioned below, all offering good growth opportunities in the long-term:

  • The Financial Sector 
  • The Public Sector 
  • The Industrial Sector
  • The Healthcare Sector

Financial Sector

The challenges in the Financial Sector have been of unknown proportions in recent years. Aside from the economic uncertainty prevalent at the moment, banks, insurers and other financial institutions are confronted with issues such as:

  • transparency and compulsory medical cover
  • supply chain integration
  • changing consumer behaviour
  • changes in laws and regulations
  • shifts in the distribution mix

Public Sector

The demand for regulatory restrictions and reduced bureaucracy has prompted the Government to find a new role division for citizens and Government. Themes such as Accountability and Result-oriented Tasking are high on the public agenda in order to strengthen trust in the Government. This strive toward greater effectivity, in which IT plays a crucial role, translates to priorities such as:

  • reduction of the administrative burden
  • digital durability
  • reduction of costs
  • safety concerns 
  • enforcement of rules

Ensuring good management
Ordina supports Management Teams within the Public Sector in solving management and organisational issues. Applying our vision on the coherence and balance between the factors: man, process and technology. Themes dominating our work in this sector are standardisation and centralisation. Inherent to this lies the (re)structuring of supply chain organisations, in order to streamline processes in chains such as Work and Income, Criminal Justice and Immigration and Naturalisation. Resulting in faster and more efficient results. Our organisation of Shared Service Centres within government institutions also meets the public demand for better service, by utilising fewer means.

Industrial sector

Dynamics in the Industry sector are of unknown proportions. For this reason Ordina focuses its knowledge and attention on:

  • trade, Transport and Industry
  • energy and Telecom

Aside from the battle for market leadership, companies face issues such as client services, ever-changing laws and regulations and increased competition due to large-scale globalisation. Added to that, the growing focus on cost efficiency, process optimisation and flexibility makes it clear that this sector is faced with challenges across a varied spectrum.

Packing a bigger punch
Those who wish to realise, build and maintain competitive advantage in this market need knowledge to solve complex organisational issues. Ordina’s clients have the advantage of our sector-specific knowledge.  Our advisors know their markets inside out and visa versa. For years they have translated their experience, lessons learnt and ‘best practices’ into company-specific solutions. Successfully. 

Healthcare Sector

A few years ago, a new Healthcare System was introduced in The Netherlands. The system is aimed at commercialising this sector, driving it by demand. This trend is changing the face of the Dutch Healthcare Sector enormously. In the Healthcare Supply Chain we see a shift from cost to value creation. Parties are forced into customer-centric thinking. 

Innovative Solutions

These developments have far reaching effects on the goals and processes for organisations in the Healthcare Sector. Ordina offers innovative solutions to Care Providers and Health Insurers. Quality improvements in the supporting processes for example. And advice on Cost Management with increased effectivity in operations.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ordina has been using the Service Excellence Program to identify its customers’ perception, satisfaction and expectations about its service objective since 2009. What our Service Excellence Programma exactly means, you can read here.