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Vision and positioning

ICT. For people

IT is an increasingly important part of today’s world. The impact of the digitisation of our society is becoming more and more visible and affects both our professional and private lives. How we work and how we communicate with each other has changed. This is making IT more and more important. At Ordina, we are convinced that IT will play a decisive role in the solutions to a number of major issues society faces today. For instance, IT can help us realise a more efficient public sector, affordable healthcare, secure transactions and a clean environment.

However, if IT is to play this decisive role people must be able to rely on effective and sustainable solutions. This is how IT helps people to respond successfully to the increasingly rapid changes in our world. Ordina works towards this goal each and every day, because we believe that IT should work for people.

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Vision and positioning

Nearby and approachable

Ordina is a Benelux service provider. Our clients are nearby, and we come across each other on a regular basis. That is exactly why we take a future-oriented approach to our clients; we want to be able to look them in the eye in the future, too. Ordina wants to put the human factor back in IT. And this applies to the projects we take on and the transformations we help initiate, organise and launch. But also to the way we cooperate and the way we deal with people. We want to innovate as part of a team, and make operating processes and IT work for people, clients and their businesses again.

Cooperate on change

To Ordina, cooperation is a process rather than a project. We want to work side by side with our clients, in projects, but also physically. We prefer to work with our clients rather than simply for them. This is why we operate regionally. We choose to work with clients for whom knowledge of the local market is valuable for the processes and systems they use.

Learning from and with our clients

We know the market, but we also often know how to apply this knowledge effectively, to learn with and from our clients and together develop the solutions they need. This is why Ordina combines IT with consultancy. Because we know that change (improvement) is the end, not the means.

Best IT employer

We will be the best IT employer. By giving our employees freedom and encouraging initiative, we are creating a culture of enterprise. We are a flexible organisation. We give our clients advice on how to use and take advantage of major developments in IT. And we are driven by qualities that set us apart: enterprising, inspiring, cooperation-focused, development-focused and engaged.