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Ordina plants 25.000 trees

Ordina wants to be CO-neutral by 2030. To achieve this, it has the ambition to buy plots of land and turn them into forests frequently. The first trees have been committed to the soil in the presence of Flemish minister of environment Zuhal Demir, mayor of the town of Pelt Frank Smeets, provincial governor Jos Lantmeeters and CEO of Ordina Jo Maes. With this remarkable effort in sustainability, Ordina will reinvigorate nature with forests in Belgium and the Netherlands. In Belgium, BOS+, a non-profit organization that strives for more and better forests, supports this mission.  

There is a trend toward investing in green solutions amongst companies, but only some take it so far as Ordina. As one of the largest IT-service providers in the Benelux, Ordina is proud of its social responsibility. In Belgium, it counts on the forestation expertise of BOS+ to realize its green ambitions. The goal is to buy local plots of land and plant cooling, purifying forests on them. The project's kick-off is in Pelt: good for 13,5 acres with about 25.000 trees. The Ordina forest will be located centrally in the ‘Pijnven’, a large forest that forms a part of ‘Bosland’, one of Flanders’ most spacious forest areas. 

“We buy plots of land that are usable for reforestation in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands”, explains CEO Jo Maes. “By doing this, we participate in combating climate change while simultaneously creating new and lasting local natural habitats. We strive for CO-neutrality by 2030, and planting an Ordina forest is an important part of this important goal.”     

According to Bert De Somviele, director of BOS+, the commitment of Ordina is remarkable: “Now and then, we have cooperated with other companies to create more forest, but the goal of frequent, local purchases of this size catapults Ordina to be a frontrunner. With this initiative, they are substantially contributing to expanding our very limited forest area.” 

“Forestation is an intelligent choice when it comes to sustainability,” says Somviele: “Forests are incredibly relevant for our entire society. Ordina has cleverly understood that forest is the best technology to tackle the dire consequences of the double crisis in climate and biodiversity. In addition, forests positively affect people’s physical and mental well-being, so this and other future Ordina forests will bring enjoyment to many people.” 


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