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Why Ordina?

A conversation with Yousra Lahkim, Management Consultant Strategy & Business Design at Ordina

Yousra Lahkim, management consultant Strategy & Business Design at Ordina, was a strategic advisor at an engineering and expertise bureau. In this blog, she will tell you about her motivations to join Ordina and her first job impressions.

You recently started at Ordina. Why did you take this step in your career? 

 “I have to admit Ordina didn’t immediately appeal to me. I didn’t see myself at an IT deployment firm. The image I had of Ordina was quite one-sided, but after a couple of meetings at the company, that quickly changed. Ordina is in the middle of a transition, moving at full speed. Contributing to this transition with my knowledge and expertise is a beautiful challenge. The human side of Ordina was also a decisive factor. The people I spoke to were very enthusiastic about Ordina and its transition. They were looking for people who wanted to build something big, a new Ordina, and new propositions (like other innovations, digital transitions, and much more). Everything was in line with my passion, so I jumped.”  

Why IT? 

“I am very interested in everything related to innovation and change. The human side is the main attraction for me. Over the last few years, I filled various roles in different strategic advising trajectories, often in the public sphere. I would love to pick up these kinds of strategic trajectories with my IT-colleaugues as well. Being able to group knowledge and expertise and help clients through a digital transition, taking care of both the content and the process is an enormous forte at Ordina. We have everything the client needs under a single roof. We can help clients to design and guide their digital transition from the first plan until the final steps. On top of this, the IT industry is in full expansion and development.” 

What is your first impression of Ordina? 

Thus far, I am thrilled. Ordina is a company that offers a lot of possibilities. There is also a lot of space to grab these opportunities, which gives me great energy. The fact that the organization is moving is visible. Everybody is developing things, building, new impulses abound, and with all that creative energy come many exciting challenges. There’s a friendly, open culture, which is very important to me personally. It’s a large organization, but the lines of communication are short. Everybody is prepared to get a cup of coffee and to free up some time in their busy schedules. It doesn’t matter where in the organization or your role; everybody is open to meeting you. I also get a lot of room to use my knowledge and experience and to help build a team. That’s very nice!” 

My personal quote is: dare to color outside lines.  

In which team do you work, and what will you do at Ordina? 

I am in the team/practice Strategy & Business Design, a diverse group with young leaders. Ordina wants to be the #1 digital business partner by 2026. With our team, we want to connect clients with experts at our organization. We are working right now on strengthening our practice and portfolio. Recently, I have been focusing on new opportunities, propositions, and setting up improvement initiatives. I’m also concentrating on the innovation theme. As a management consultant, I help clients with their projects in digital transition, innovation, and strategy/organization. My motto is: “dare to color outside lines. I’m not easily pigeonholed, and I like doing things outside my comfort zone. I also like helping people achieve the same thing. I help clients think about creative solutions outside the normal way of working. At Ordina, many people think and act like this so that we will achieve beautiful things soon.” 

What would you still like to tell readers considering working for Ordina?  

“Drop on by for a cup of coffee and have a taste of the atmosphere at the office. You will see straightaway how open the company is. You don’t have to be an IT expert to work at Ordina. We have enough expertise in-house for excellent projects with great colleagues. Everybody can start from their expertise and experience. The great thing about consultancy is that you will be able to work on a lot of different projects with various clients. This diversity is what I love about the business. You get to know a lot of people and organizations. If that gives you energy and you want to help build something big? Just visit us and get to know Ordina!”