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Focus areas

We’re here to direct and disrupt and give you that competitive edge. And we partner with you from beginning to end.

Market related themes

Financial economic crime

Financial institutions are under increased pressure from regulators to combat Financial and Economic Crime. Ordina lends a helping hand.

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Integrated Supply Chains for Industry

Staying Ahead of change is more reliable than just in time. Get a grip on all the moving parts.

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Reliable Government

Flexible data-driven services for the people

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Services & solutions

Cybersecurity & compliance services

Organizations and businesses take enormous risks when they ignore cybersecurity and compliance issues. Regulatory and reputational risk always loom on the horizon. And either one can have a lasting effect on your organization and your stakeholders.

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Digital acceleration services

Ordina helps your organization remain adaptable and relevant by including data and technology in both your day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making. Discover, realize and incorporate added value in your digital transformation.

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Business platforms & cloud services

Business platforms are crucial for organizations. A business platform supports the physical and digital processes, such as the online sales process of a retailer. A business platform is constantly evolving and requires continuous innovation.

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Data-driven services

Data is the key to success in the digital transition. It is the driving force behind innovation and determines its distinctiveness. Organizations that do not use the power of data wisely run a high risk of losing customers.

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