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We are Ordina. We make sure your business stays ahead of change. Day in and day out.

Meet your digital partner

In an exciting and strategic move, Sopra Steria, Ordina, and Tobania have come together to create a force in the world of digital services. This alliance aims to redefine the way we do business, bringing value to our customers, the market, and our own talented team in the Benelux region and beyond.

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white paper

Is your organisation’s cybersecurity fit for the AI era?

Cybercriminals are evolving, and so is their toolkit. In our latest white paper, ‘AI and Cybersecurity,’ we expose how cybercriminals exploit AI to manipulate cybersecurity defences. We also share how you can harness AI’s transformative power in safeguarding your digital assets.

Take the next step in fortifying your organisation's cybersecurity against AI-driven threats. Download our whitepaper now.

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Dive into a curated selection of podcasts that spark inspiration and expand horizons.

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Technology does not create transformation. People do.

Ordina will get you Ahead of change!

Our approach

Go beyond the numbers

At Ordina, we look beyond the numbers to tap into what each individual has to offer. We give you and your business room to grow. And in turn, we grow, too.

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Customer story

In Port of Rotterdam 30.000 vessels are docking faster than ever

Experience the challenge our team developers faced in the climate revolution for a greener port in Rotterdam.

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Here you grow

Individuals bring so much more to the table. And at Ordina, you will find a seat at our table. Life experiences. A variety of backgrounds. Different skillsets. A wide array of viewpoints and approaches. We believe diversity and inclusion go beyond numbers and statistics. Together this ultimately adds up because businesses that are diverse and inclusive do better business. And this is reflected in how we do business. The numbers do not lie. But they don’t tell the whole story either. At Ordina, we do.

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