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Inclusion & diversity

We give you room to grow

Different backgrounds and life experiences add value. Both to businesses and society as a whole. At Ordina, you’ll find a seat at our table.

Diversity & inclusion at Ordina

Diversity and inclusion go beyond numbers and statistics. It’s all about people and what they bring to the table. And it’s more than different colors. At Ordina, we believe different backgrounds and life experiences add as much value to our business as equal representation. That’s why we think it is paramount that everyone feels included and not just looks included. The look and feel go hand-in-hand if we want to be successful as a business and an employer.

Ordina and JINC Foundation

Diversity and inclusion is here to stay. And to stay Ahead of Change, Ordina works together with the JINC Foundation. JINC helps children from underprivileged backgrounds get a head start in the labor market. Through our partnership with JINC, we introduce young potential talent to digitization and our company. JINC brings technology and people together to tackle inequality. Similar to our approach for our clients. Their motto reflects ours when it comes to diversity and inclusion, too: everyone grows with JINC. Just like at Ordina, where we give you room to grow.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact

Discover how we contribute to improving the environment and saving our planet.

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Discover our impact

Discover our impact

Experience what it's like to be a part of Ordina's team.

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