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Ordina Academy

Learning is part of the job.

An unlimited learning environment

Our people are what makes the difference. That is why we provide all the tools for you to keep growing. To encourage your personal and professional development, Ordina Academy provides a digital learning space packed with online courses and plenty of learning activities and programs to choose from.

By staying ahead of change, you'll be able to do the same for your clients. A win-win

Choose your path

Are you always looking to broaden and deepen your knowledge? Excited to learn new skills? The Ordina Academy is here for you!

With our continuous dialogue approach, picking the right time and direction is entirely up to you. You discuss your ongoing development with your manager. Together, you set ambitions and plans and make them concrete. We provide the tools; you are in control of your career path.

Learn with like-minded people in a high-performance team

Ordina is an organization bursting with knowledge, and your fellow Ordinees are happy to share theirs with you! While learning through the Academy, you'll be applying your newfound knowledge immediately. You'll find like-minded people that you can turn to for inspiration, help or advice. Our high-performance teams allow you to live up to your potential, so you can achieve bigger and better results for your clients.

Interviews with...

Keen to discover what the Academy can do for you? How people within Ordina are building their career path? Read their interviews."

Eager to start learning?

Get in touch with Yousra who can tell you everything the Ordina Academy has to offer.

Yousra Ghacham

Yousra Ghacham

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yousra Ghacham