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Integrated Supply Chain: Inspiration and roadmap

Expensive raw materials, sputtering supplies, demanding customers: every supply chain today is under pressure. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward solution. What does work: building in plenty of resilience, thanks to an integrated supply chain. You want to take steps but don't know where to start? Not getting everyone moving in the same direction? We help you on your way with inspiration, an assessment and a feasible roadmap.

5 steps from question to concrete roadmap

Improving processes starts with a clear understanding of how the current processes run and what the challenges are. Only then can you identify the gaps and think about possible optimizations. A maturity assessment is therefore often the very first step towards an integrated supply chain.

In 5 steps, we help you from question to roadmap:

  1. Inspiration: Not at home with the possibilities of an integrated supply chain? We inspire you with explanations of relevant technologies (IoT sensors, digital twin, RPA, ...) and applicable use cases.

  2. Questionnaire: How is your supply chain running today and where do you want to go? Complete the questionnaire together with your colleagues - as a starting point during the workshops.

  3. Assessment: We gather all stakeholders around the table in a series of workshops, discuss the answers in the questionnaires and map the existing processes, challenges, strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Recommendations: Based on the insights from the workshops, we propose concrete areas for improvement and solutions, which we discuss in detail with the internal team. Where necessary, we make adjustments.

  5. Roadmap: You receive a comprehensive document from us that describes the gaps, objectives, action points, KPIs and priorities for your supply chain journey, along with a visual roadmap. You're ready to kick-off!

SCOR methodology

To ensure an efficient approach, our experts use APICS' trusted Supply Chain Operation Reference Model (SCOR). It helps us identify, measure and discuss your processes and needs effectively and efficiently.

For whom

An assessment is a good idea for anyone who is responsible for some aspect of the supply chain or quality and wants to take action.

Call on our help if:

  • you realize that the supply chain process is not running optimally (too high costs or lead times, quality problems), you know you need help but don't know how to start. Based on an assessment, together we spot the biggest stumbling blocks and work out a feasible approach.

  • you want to digitize the supply chain but don't get sufficient commitment from your colleagues. We bring all stakeholders around the table so that they recognize the gaps and can collaborate on an action plan. Want to bet that everyone gets excited?

  • management wants to digitize the supply chain and understand more concretely what that can mean for the organization. We work together on an action plan.

Why Ordina?

We know the theory. But just as much the practice.

Our experts know the supply chain world inside and out. We know about regulations, we are technology experts, but we know equally well that supply chain is also about people. And that it involves complex ecosystems. By combining our theoretical knowledge with our practical - feet-in-the-mud - experience, we understand your challenges perfectly. This is how we arrive at feasible yet smart solutions.

Expertise in various domains

From supply chain optimization, IoT, RPA, data visualization and cloud to security: our high performance teams combine all the knowledge and experience from different business units to work out the best solution.

Local player offering continuity

Ordina is always nearby. At the same time, we are big enough to support your complex processes and ensure flexibility and continuity. Our ambition: to be a long-term partner you can build on.

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In 5 steps to a better integrated supply chain?

Jan Simons

Head of Industry