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Field Service Planning

The ideal planning solution for your mobile workers in the field.

Effective field service planning is crucial in today’s rapidly changing world. Customers have become more demanding, and the labour market faces severe personnel shortages. Software-based support for planners has become essential.

Advantages of field service planning Software
Our Field Service Planning software propels you into the future by simplifying complex scheduling. In our leaftlet, we explain why field service planning is essential today, the benefits of field service planning software, and how Ordina can help with its FSP-MR solution.

The key benefits:

  • Streamlined planning: Manage intricate planning tasks while considering variable factors and individual employee preferences.

  • Real-time decision support: Automatic scheduling capabilities reduce the risk of personal scheduling errors.

  • Flexible schedules: Customize schedules to match individual preferences, link people to tasks, and meet quality requirements.

  • Reduced knowledge dependency: Free your business from individual knowledge constraints, gaining greater control over your workforce, processes, and resources.

  • More control over people, processes, and materials to significantly improve your first-time-right percentage.

  • Complete process oversight: Ensure compliance and minimize risks, avoiding fines or conflicts.

  • Allows you to implement cyclical scheduling, where employees can indicate when they can work.

  • Contributes to a better work-life balance and increases employee engagement.

How Ordina makes a difference
Our Field Service Planning software goes beyond operational efficiency; it prioritizes people, enabling employees to enjoy better work-life balance and higher job satisfaction. The Ordina Field Service Planner - Multi Resource (FSP-MR) is a cloud-based solution designed to support planners in making informed decisions.

Ready to transform your field service planning
Ordina's Field Service Planning software can take your business to the next level.
Download your FSP-MR solution leaflet today to learn more and experience the FSP transformation for a successful future.

Download the leaflet Field Service Planning