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Interim results 2022 Ordina N.V.

02 Aug 2022

Ordina delivers strong performance in first half of 2022

Nieuwegein, 2 August 2022 – Ordina N.V. (Ordina), the digital business partner that harnesses technology and market know-how to give its clients an edge, presents its results for the first half of 2022 and the key results for the second quarter of 2022.

H1 2022 highlights

  • Revenue rises by 10.4% to EUR 216.0 million (H1 2021: EUR 195.7 million);

  • Business proposition revenue rises to 46% of total revenue in H1 2022 (H1 2021: 39%);

  • EBITDA increases to EUR 28.2 million (H1 2021: EUR 24.4 million);

  • EBITDA margin climbs to 13.0% (H1 2021: 12.5%);

  • Net profit rises to EUR 14.0 million (H1 2021: EUR 11.9 million);

  • Net cash position stands at EUR 26.0 million at end-H1 2022 (end-H1 2021: EUR 26.8 million).

Q2 2022 highlights

  • Revenue rises by 10.4% to EUR 105.3 million (Q2 2021: EUR 95.4 million);

  • EBITDA increases to EUR 10.9 million (Q2 2021: EUR 8.7 million);

  • EBITDA margin comes in at 10.4% (Q2 2021: 9.1%);

  • Share buy-back programme completed at 29 July.

Jo Maes, CEO Ordina, on the results

“Ordina can look back on a strong first half. Our revenue increased by more than 10% and net profit rose to EUR 14 million. We achieved strong growth in all our markets and countries and realised a solid result in the second quarter.

We use digital and market-specific solutions to enable our clients to accelerate their digital transformation. For instance, we are helping a Belgian pharmaceutical company to streamline their digital processes to make them faster and more agile in the competitive market of vaccine development. We will once again be working with ProRail Logistics over the next ten years on the development of smart and sustainable solutions to make sure passengers and goods reach their destinations safely and on time by rail. Revenue from our business propositions increased to 46% of total revenue in the first half of this year, which means we are on track with our strategy.

The demand for digitalisation remains as great as ever. We look to the future with confidence, despite the uncertain macro-economic outlook and our focus on recruitment of new employees will remain consistently high. Working hand in hand with universities and colleges, which are breeding grounds for digital talent, will play an important role on this front.”

Press release:

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