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Ordina N.V. Publishes results first quarter 2018

26 April 2018

Higher revenue and return

Q1 highlights

  • EBITDA rises to EUR 6.0 million (Q1 2017: EUR 4.3 million);

    • EBITDA margin increases to 6.6% (Q1 2017: 4.9%1);

    • Revenue up 4.4% at EUR 91.3 million (Q1 2017: EUR 87.4 million1);

    • Revenue the Netherlands rises 1.9% to EUR 65.2 million (Q1 2017: EUR 64.0 million1);

    • Revenue Belgium/Luxembourg up 11.3% at EUR 26.0 million (Q1 2017: EUR 23.4 million1);

    • Net debt position improves to EUR 0.7 million (Q1 2017: EUR 2.5 million);

    • Net profit rises to EUR 3.2 million (Q1 2017: EUR 1.7 million);

    • Kick-off of labour market campaign focusing on High performance teams.

Jo Maes, CEO Ordina, on the results

“Both revenue and returns came in higher in the first quarter. Belgium/Luxembourg made a strong start to the year. In the Netherlands, we saw revenue increase slightly and returns were boosted by lower costs.

The revenue growth at our clients in the public sector and financial services continued in the first quarter. Our focus on the five business propositions is now paying off in these sectors.

We are proud of our ability to attract talented employees in both the Netherlands and Belgium/Luxembourg. In the first quarter alone, we managed to recruit 177 new colleagues. We also increased our recruitment efforts with the launch of the new labour market campaign ‘You learn more in teams’. On top of this, the launch of Ordina TalentPower will give an additional boost to our recruitment and development of talented young IT people. The retention of our employees remains one of the major priorities in our management agenda. We saw a slight decline in staff turnover in the first quarter.”

Ordina results first quarter 2018