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12 Dec 2017

Ordina nominates Caroline Princen as Supervisory Board member

At the recommendation of the Stichting Prioriteit Ordina Groep, Ordina’s Supervisory Board intends to ask the General Meeting of Shareholders on 26 April 2018 to approve the appointment of Caroline Princen as a member of the Ordina N.V. Supervisory Board effective per the end of said General Meeting.

The Supervisory board also intends to appoint her as chairman of the Supervisory Board, effective 26 April 2018. If the motion is approved, Ms. Princen will succeed Johan van der Werf (Dutch, 1952), who has been a member of the Ordina Supervisory Board since 2010.

Caroline Princen (Dutch, 1966) is vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board of the University Medical Center Utrecht, member of the Supervisory Board of Royal Flora Holland and a member of the Supervisory Board of Film institute EYE. She was a member of the Executive Board of ABN Amro from 2010-2017.

Johan van der Werf, chairman of the Supervisory Board: “I’m delighted with the proposed appointment of Caroline Princen to our Supervisory Board. Caroline Princen is an experienced director and supervisory board member, and has experience and insight in a lot of sectors in the Netherlands including the public sector. Caroline Princen also has a lot of experience in working with highly qualified employees and in the field of HR, which is important to Ordina. The Supervisory Board will be pleased to propose her appointment to the General Meeting on 26 April 2018.”

More information regarding the proposed appointment will be included in the agenda and the convocation for the General Meeting of 26 April 2018, and will be available on from 15 March 2018.