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Ordina presents annual results 2021

17 Feb 2022

Nieuwegein – 17 February 2022 – Ordina N.V. (Ordina), the digital business partner that harnesses technology and market know-how to give its clients an edge, today presents the full-year results for 2021.

FY 2021 highlights

  • Revenue rises by 6.8% to EUR 394.5 million (2020: EUR 369.2 million);

  • Business proposition revenue increases to 40% of total revenue in 2021 (2020: 38%);

  • EBITDA rises to EUR 50.2 million (2020: EUR 46.4 million), EBITDA margin stable at 12.7% (2020: 12.6%);

  • Net profit rises to EUR 24.6 million (2020: EUR 22.3 million);

  • Net cash at year-end 2021: EUR 43.6 million (year-end 2020: EUR 44.4 million);

  • Covid-19 has a positive impact of around 0.9% on EBITDA margin in 2021 (2020: around 1% point);

  • Dividend proposal to pay out 60% of the net profit (15.8 eurocents per share);

  • Announcement of share buy-back programme for a maximum of EUR 15 million.

Q4 2021 highlights

  • Revenue up by 12.0% at EUR 104.0 million (Q4 2020: 92.9 million);

  • EBITDA rises to EUR 14.5 million (Q4 2020: EUR 12.2 million). EBITDA margin increases to 13.9% (Q4 2020: 13.1%);

  • Client satisfaction score of 7.8 and promotor score (OPS) of 71 in 2021;

  • Employee engagement score rises to 7.6 from 7.5.

Jo Maes, Ordina CEO, on the results

“We can look back on a successful year for Ordina, with growth in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We increased both our revenues and our profit, putting us ahead of our ambitions for 2022. We also managed to grow with our own employees, despite the continued tightness on the labour market.

With our business propositions, we continue to respond successfully to current themes at our clients. Despite this, the revenue share of our business propositions increased less quickly than we expected. We will continue to work towards this target, but we expect to achieve it later. In the meantime, we have around 170 high performance teams working at our clients. This resulted in a high level of satisfaction at our clients and among our employees, plus we had a greater strategic impact at our clients.

Thanks to our teams and our 2022 strategy, we have laid a solid foundation that helps us stand out in the market. Our 2026 strategy will therefore continue to build on this foundation. We will continue to focus fully on high performance teams as our way of offering our clients superior services. In addition to this, we will invest in domain and market-specific solutions that are repeatable. We have increased our annual revenue and return targets for the period to 2026 compared with our 2022 targets, as communicated at our capital markets day.

In addition to our dividend proposal, today we are announcing a share buy-back programme to further optimise our balance sheet. This is fully in line with our strategy, and we are taking into account the business outlook, investment agenda and the interests of all our stakeholders.”

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Ordina presents annual results 2021

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Ordina presenteert jaarcijfers 2021