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Ordina presents annual results 2022

16 Feb 2023

Nieuwegein, 16 February 2023 – Ordina N.V. (Ordina), the digital business partner that harnesses technology and market know-how to give its clients an edge, today presents the full-year results for 2022.

FY 2022 highlights

  • Revenue rises 8.9% to EUR 429.4 million (2021: EUR 394.5 million);

  • Business proposition revenue rises to 47% in 2022 (2021: 40%);

  • EBITDA increases to EUR 50.4 million (2021: EUR 50.2 million);

  • EBITDA margin declines to 11.7% (2021: 12.7%);

  • Net profit comes in at EUR 23.9 million (2021: EUR 24.6 million);

  • Net cash position remains strong and stands at EUR 37.2 million at year-end 2022 (year-end 2021: EUR 43.6 million);

  • Proposal of distribution to shareholders 39.5 eurocents per share, in line with new expanded dividend policy, which will be put to the General Meeting on 6 April.

Q4 2021 highlights

  • Revenue up by 12.0% at EUR 104.0 million (Q4 2020: 92.9 million);

  • EBITDA rises to EUR 14.5 million (Q4 2020: EUR 12.2 million). EBITDA margin increases to 13.9% (Q4 2020: 13.1%);

  • Client satisfaction score of 7.8 and promotor score (OPS) of 71 in 2021;

  • Employee engagement score rises to 7.6 from 7.5.

Q4 2022 highlights

  • Revenue is 6.0% higher at EUR 110.2 million (Q4 2021: 104.0 million);

  • EBITDA comes in at EUR 11.6 million (Q4 2021: EUR 14.5 million) and the EBITDA margin amounts to 10.5% (Q4 2021: 13.9%);

  • Client satisfaction score in 2022: 7.7 (2021: 7.8); promoter score (NPS) is 66 (2021: 64);

  • Employee engagement score remains high at 7.6 (2021: 7.6).

Jo Maes, CEO Ordina, on the results

“In 2022, we achieved solid growth on all fronts. Not only in terms of revenue, but also in terms of increasing the share of business proposition revenue and increasing the number of employees. As a digital business partner for our clients, we are now even stronger thanks to the continued development of our market and digital themes and high-performance teams. Recently, we became a strategic partner for the Land Registry and at a Belgian insurance com-pany, Ordina has been selected to carry out an extensive data migration project.

We operate in those sectors where demand for digitalisation remains high and our proposition resonates with cli-ents. Over the past year, we invested in our organisation to enable us to continue with the execution of our 2026 strategy. Although these investments had an impact on last year’s financial performance in the current challenging economic climate, they do put us in a strong position going forward. We are making solid progress with our strategy and we look to the future with great confidence. In line with these expectations and our high cash generation, we propose a new dividend policy, in line with our strategic agenda and our focus on creating sustainable shareholder value.”

Ordina presents annual results 2022

Ordina presents annual results 2022 (NL)