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Cyberdetection & response

IT plays an increasing role in all business operations. Along with the size and complexity of the IT environment, the likelihood of cybersecurity incidents is increasing. Ordina can help you increase your resilience.

At a glance

Maximum resilience & minimal impact

Preventing cybersecurity incidents completely may not be achievable. However, we are able to limit their impact on your business, and ensure your organization is as flexible and resilient to them as possible. Ordina's solution for cyberdetection and response offers a comprehensive approach. We:

  • Prepare your organization for potential cybersecurity incidents and their business impact

  • Recommend measures to prevent or detect cybersecurity incidents, based on your business risks

  • Provide measures and people to detect and act on cybersecurity incidents

  • Advise you based on our insights, so you can continually increase your resilience and mitigate business risks.

Blue Team

Blue Team

The Ordina Solution for Cyberdetection & Response is carried by our Blue Team: a multidisciplinary team of cyber defense specialists. Our partnership with ESET ensures we are ready to tackle any issues.

Comprehensive approach

Comprehensive approach

We look at your entire business operation and the effect of possible cybersecurity risks. Together, we make a plan to make your organization more resilient.

Continuous development

Continuous development

As hackers are ever-evolving, so should we. We keep developing and increasing your resilience based on our insights and expertise.

Focus on business impact

Focus on business impact

We monitor where a cybersecurity incident would impact your operations the most.


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