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Cybertesting & reporting

We unleash offensive security: uncover, analyze, and shield against threats

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Keep your organization secure

No organization can risk a cyberattack. The damage to your company’s IT systems and reputation is irreparable, not to mention the increased scrutiny you will receive from regulators. But when intruders constantly change their playbook, how can you stay ahead of change? Ordina’s Red Team of ethical hackers are trained and certified to ensure your systems and employees are safe from cybercriminals. Their approach consists of six steps that guarantee all security and quality requirements are met based on technology, and organizational and human aspects.



Gather information about the organization, systems, and potential vulnerabilities.

Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling

Assess risks, prioritize them based on impact, and identify areas needing immediate attention.

Attack simulation

Attack simulation

Simulate real-world attacks to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access.

Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analysis

Analyze successful exploits and provide detailed reports on identified weaknesses.

Remediation planning

Remediation planning

Collaborate with the organization to develop a plan for addressing vulnerabilities.

Validation and reporting

Validation and reporting

Validate remediation efforts, evaluate security posture, and provide comprehensive reports with recommendations.

Cybertesting and reporting services

Discover how our cybersecurity expertise can keep your organization safe from intruders.

Penetration testing

At Ordina, we excel in safeguarding digital assets through specialized Penetration Testing services. Our expert team covers web applications, infrastructure, and mobile platforms with advanced methodologies, simulating real-world attacks. Our reports provide actionable recommendations, empowering you to strengthen defenses effectively.

  • Specialized in comprehensive Penetration Testing services

  • Expertise across web applications, infrastructure, and mobile platforms

  • Utilize advanced testing methodologies

  • Simulate real-world attacks tailored to your specific environment

  • Identify vulnerabilities that could compromise security

  • Provide detailed reports with actionable recommendations

  • Enable reinforcement of defenses and safeguarding digital assets.

Application Security

Explore our SAST service, seamlessly integrated into DevSecOps principles, offering more than automated scanning tools. Our team of skilled Application Security (AppSec) professionals provides:

  • In-depth triage for your applications

  • Combined power of automated analysis and human expertise

  • Identification of complex security issues and potential code vulnerabilities

  • Meticulous approach for a comprehensive security assessment

  • Empowerment to mitigate risks and prioritize security improvements confidently.

Red Team Assessments

Empower your organization's security with our Red Team Assessments, crafted for diverse sectors and tailored to your unique challenges. Our seasoned red team experts utilize:

  • Advanced tactics to simulate sophisticated attacks

  • Comprehensive testing of your defenses

  • Emulation of real-world threat scenarios

  • Identification of potential weaknesses for adversaries to exploit

  • Detailed findings and actionable recommendations

  • Empowerment to bolster your security posture effectively.

Security trainings

At Ordina, we provide a wide range of Security Training programs crafted to elevate your organization's security awareness and preparedness. From general security awareness sessions to focused workshops and specialized training, our offerings include:

  • General security awareness sessions

  • Focused workshops

  • Specialized training on OWASP topics (Open Web Application Security Project)

  • Engaging and interactive sessions led by experienced trainers

  • Equipping teams with knowledge and skills to detect and respond to security threats

  • Fostering a culture of security awareness

  • Building technical expertise to tackle evolving cyber risks effectively.

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Is your organisation’s cybersecurity fit for the AI era?

Cybercriminals are evolving, and so is their toolkit. In our latest white paper, ‘AI and Cybersecurity,’ we expose how cybercriminals exploit AI to manipulate cybersecurity defences. We also share how you can harness AI’s transformative power in safeguarding your digital assets.

Take the next step in fortifying your organisation's cybersecurity against AI-driven threats. Download our whitepaper now.

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