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Data Engineering & Migrations

Navigate with ease when creating and setting up platforms useable for data validation, data analysis, data science, data exploration and data consumption regardless of the platform.

At a glance

We’ll make sure you stay Ahead of change.

Every technology landscape has twists and turns. And touches every aspect of your organization. But you need to keep your business running at the same time. And what about the data? We’ll oversee the entire data process and ensure you’re always up and running as well as compliant. We help you stay Ahead of Change with a smooth data migration, data modeling, data wrangling, optimization techniques, design patterns and paradigms for data processing and make sure your business can operate every step of the way.

Create and automate the data pipeline

Create and automate the data pipeline

Automating tests and checks and automatically generating code, reducing the margin of error.

Monitor data quality

Monitor data quality

Ensure the reliability of your data with analyses, classifications, version checks, comparison of data sets, automatic tests, etc.

Monitor security and privacy

Monitor security and privacy

We’ll organize audits, authorizations, checks, encryptions, etc. to continuously monitor and improve your data management


Data migration

Towards a correctly functioning new information system

Implementing a new information system, data migration often remains underexposed. It is only a small part of the implementation plan and is missing from the risk list.

In this blog Henk Zwaan, management consultant at Ordina, explains why correct data is a precondition for the successful implementation of a new system. Without data, no information, no processing, no analysis. Datamigration takes care of this.

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Customer story

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