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Data visualization & spatial insights

See your data and stay Ahead of change. Ordina helps you make the abstract tangible.

At a glance

Data visualization and spatial insights let you see

Data-driven organizations are able to unlock priceless information in data to turn the course in the right direction. But how do you communicate this to your employees so they understand the steps your business needs to take? And ensure they are engaged? Our data visualization and spatial insights services enable you to take the abstract information in data and render it concrete for your staff. They understand your decision-making and feel involved in the direction the organization is taking. And they feel listened to because they can see how data makes their workload lighter.



Your organization will immediately see how your data applies to their work and how they can act upon it.

Clear designs

Clear designs

Ordina helps you create easy-to-understand designs that get the point across instantly. Your employees will understand the “why”

UX specialists

UX specialists

We have in-house designers who have a whole palette of techniques and designs you can choose from.

Complete solution package

Complete solution package

Ordina’s offering includes a complete package of data solutions from engineering to compliance advisory services and more.

Data Visualization solution

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A day in a life

More and more companies and organizations recognize the value of geographic information. Business consultant Huibert de Vries is therefore eager for new colleagues within the Spatial Intelligence practice who are just as enthusiastic about geographic information as he is.

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Digital Twin solution

Customer story

In Port of Rotterdam 30.000 vessels are docking fast

Learn how three developers reduced the carbon footprint one of the largest ports in the world

Spoiler: it involves software.

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